What a news Is Cristiano Ronaldo in Free Fire ?

The Chrono character has been added in Free Fire today. However, the players cannot acquire it yet.

The characters with unique in-game abilities in Free Fire are among a few things that set it apart from several other battle royal titles on the mobile platform. The game has achieved multiple incredible feats, including 100 billion lifetime views on YouTube.

On Monday, the developers of the quick-paced battle royal title unveiled their collaboration with the footballing giant Cristiano Ronaldo. The in-game persona of the Juventus Talisman “Chrono” is set to make its way into Free Fire with Operation Chrono.

Chrono has a quite peculiar active in-game ability called “Time-Turner.” It creates a force field that blocks a total of 600 damage from the enemies. Also, players can fire outside from within the field.

Apart from this, the movement speed increases by 15%, and the allies within the field also receive a 10% buff in the movement speed. The effect lasts for four seconds, and the cooldown is of 50 seconds.

At the highest level, the movement speed is increased by 30%, while the allies in the field get a 15% increase in the movement speed. All these effects last for nine seconds, and the cooldown is reduced to 40s.

Like every other character, it has a unique in-game set, as shown in the picture below. It is called the Cosmic Bounty Hunter Set.

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