Future football player Next will be Arat ?

When you think of the next generation of Liverpool stars, names like Harvey Elliott, Curtis Jones, and Neco Williams roll off the tongue.

What about the generation after that though?

Well, the leader of that cohort could be seven-year-old, Iran-born Arat Hosseini, who gone viral (yet again) for his miraculous football skills.

Despite barely being old enough to tie his own shoelaces, ‘Mini Messi’ already moves his feet like a seasoned professional, leaving piles of crestfallen children – and occasionally adults – in his wake whenever he takes to the field.

Here’s everything you need to know about the internet sensation who is currently training at Liverpool. Get ready to feel old.

What is it with Liverpool, Arsenal, and Barcelona?

The authorities at Liverpool were taken aback when they saw Arat’s talent and offered him to join the Academy. However, contracts at this tender age aren’t signed officially but a lot is provided. Arat thoroughly enjoys playing at the Academy but only time will tell about where he goes next. Even while at Liverpool, he was offered a deal with Arsenal but Liverpool wants him and has extended greater support and so they stay on. It is sad but true..Despite Barcelona making concerted efforts to get him there, the legal clause doesn’t allow his transfer.

What next for Arat?

While Arat continues to gain the best offers, fame, praises he seems to be pretty grounded says his father. With all this, Arat’s father says they have a lot of visa issues and his boy is on a student visa and focus is on the boy’s game and let the future take its course.

We sincerely hope this international figure already, doesn’t get swayed by the media, money, and fame and reaches his goal and entertains fans for a long long time.


“We’re thinking about the future and the steps we can take. Nothing will stop us. Arat loves school and football. He’s currently training with the Liverpool FC Academy and wants to be the best player in the world. So I’m doing all I can to help him,” he added.

No one knows what the future holds for Arat and if he will manage to realise these dreams. But what is certain is that Arat’s special talents have caught the attention of football fans the world over.

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