Cristiano Ronaldo challenges fans to ‘core crusher challenge’ and Stay home Keep stylish

Cristiano Ronaldo is urging folks to stay busy throughout the coronavirus internment by tempting soccer fans to require half in a very core strength challenge.

People around the world are needed to remain inside to forestall the unfold of the virus and relieve the pressure on health services, and Ronaldo has adhered to tips in the Italian by coaching reception.

As a part of Nike’s front room Cup initiative, the Juventus star performed a toe touch-style ab exercise, recording a powerful 142 repetitions in barely forty-five seconds.

Amid the forced break from the sport thanks to coronavirus pandemic, several sports personalities are either busy with the house chores or exploring a brand new hobby. However, Portuguese international and Juventus star striker Cristiano Ronaldo has recently announced a video of himself obtaining a haircut from his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez at his range in Madeira.

Taking to his official Instagram account, the 35-year-old shared the video during which Rodriguez can be seen meting out a trendy haircut to Portugal striker Ronaldo.

Ronaldo captioned the post as, “Stay home and keep fashionable #stayhomestaysafe.”

Notably, Ronaldo has been a qualitative analysis Spanish model Georgina since 2016. The couple conjointly incorporates a kid along, girl Alana.

Ronaldo has been at his home for quite a month currently in the end the sporting activities together with soccer were suspended in the Italian thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last week, Ronaldo and his manager Jorge Mendes had set to present 5 ventilators to the Regional Health Service of Madeira to fight the threat of COVID-19. The donation had brought the full variety of the ventilators within the region to ninety-nine.

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