9 Year Ago Cristiano Ronaldo Switich CR9 to CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo emerged into one amongst the simplest players within the world at Manchester United carrying the celebrated variety seven shirt.
However, that wasn’t accessible once he created the £80m move to the Real Spanish capital in 2009.
Real Spanish capital legend Raul occupied the quantity seven shirt, which means Ronaldo had to accept variety nine.
The Portuguese forward had a good 1st season therewith variety, marking thirty-three times in thirty-five games.
But it all modified once he switched to variety seven. Raul left the club and therefore the shirt was then given to Ronaldo on in this day and age 9 years past. And Ronaldo ne’er looked back.

In his 1st season along with his new variety, he scored fifty-three times in fifty-four games. He then stone-broke the 50-goal barrier for subsequent 5 consecutive seasons. When Ronaldo finally left the club last summer, he left because of the greatest player in Real Madrid’s history. During his time in Real Madrid’s variety seven shirt, he scored 417 times in 403 games, a quite ridiculous tally.

He conjointly recorded 119 assists. He won fifteen major trophies, together with 2 La Liga titles and 4 Champions League triumphs. The real Spanish capital hasn’t fared further since Ronaldo gave up the quantity seven shirts. They finished third in La Liga last season, a walloping nineteen points behind metropolis. Los Blancos conjointly crashed out the Champions League within the last sixteen to mythical being.

And Ronaldo’s successor to the quantity seven shirt at Real Spanish capital hasn’t fared well in any respect, either.

Mariano Diaz was given the shirt following his come back to the club from an urban center.

“The kit man asked that shirt I wished and that i aforementioned seven,” he aforementioned when his variety was confirmed, per the Guardian. “It’s the one that was free, I imagine nobody wished it.”

But he struggled massively within the 2018/19 season, solely marking fourfold in eighteen appearances.

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