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Cristiano Ronaldo supports your studies

Always attentive and sensitive to the theme of training as an opportunity to fulfill oneself in life and work, Cristiano Ronaldo donates 24 scholarships for a three-year course of Università eCampus with personal tutor service to girls and boys who wish to graduate but who so far have not they have had the opportunity for economic, personal or social reasons. The 24 scholarships are added to the 12 already awarded.

Applications for the remaining 24 scholarships are open!

Applications are expected by Sept 12. Do not miss the opportunity to study at Università eCampus thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo: one of the 24 scholarships could be yours!


  • 1. Nationality: Italian and foreign students residing in Italy
  • 2. Merit: high school grade not less than 90/100
  • 3. Income: ISEE value not exceeding 15,000 euros
  • 4. Age: Between 18 and 35 years old

Required certifications

  • 1. Copy of a valid identity document;
  • 2. Certification of the achievement in Italy of the high school diploma with a grade of not less than 90/100 or equivalent qualification with declaration of value corresponding to the criterion Indicated
  • 3. ISEE declaration, subsequent to 01/01/21, specific for the right to study (ISEE-DSU);
  • 4. Self-certification of residence.

You can choose from 60-degree programs

The scholarships offered by Cristiano Ronaldo are available for all degree programs as per the Regulations.


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