Football players lifestyle current generation

We have seen all footballer was the greatest lifestyle. According to lifestyle and there Living style knowing the whole world. As we saw that famous player there own lifestyle like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mohamed Salah, David Backman, Kylian Mbappé, Pogba, etc.

Great Player Have Behind Reality…

As fashionable as it seems, being a top draw footballer requires your mind to be on football 24hours per day. Which they do. They wake up at a specific time every day, the eat carefully and calculated food with a designed diet by dietitians. They train multiple times a day, meaning that from 6 to 10 hours a day, maybe more, they have to be at the training center including traffic time. When they return home they rest, do whatever they want that doesn’t violate the rules of the team, for example drinking heavily or partying hard, smoking, going out of town long enough for them to be late for practice or miss it.

They have a very carefully designed routine that revolves around football. Outside football, it depends on the person how they spend their time. Most of them have wives and kids, they spend time with them. Others live like bachelors. But to be top, you have to be focused on football.

It also involves a lot of traveling for games, missing from home a lot, many games and generally, it requires mental and body stamina.

Also, there is the injury part. It takes recovery time and pain and every footballer has small or big injuries. It requires a strong will while working on recovering from an injury. You have to learn to live with pain practically. Also rehabilitation time after games, with physiotherapy, ice buckets, swimming, generally a whole group of things to do for football. You have to take good care of your body for it to perform 100% for long times.

Lastly, there is the marketing part. Footballers now and then have to take part in teams promotion moves such as photos, visitations, and advertisements. Moreover, the players themselves are sponsored by a brand that requires them to advertise them.

I don’t assume they have much free time to do whatever they want during the playing season. But they have the resources to manage their free time however they like. It’s up to them! They got the money, they choose the lifestyle.

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